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Year advisers

Each year group in the school has a special teacher attached to it. Your year adviser is your first point of call. If you have any problems, your year adviser is very willing to help.

You may have difficulties at school, or at home, or with friends. Remember, see your year adviser and ask for help. Your year adviser will keep it confidential if you wish, and very often can smooth out problems. Find out where your adviser’s staff room is and just knock on the door and ask for help.

Year advisers

Year 7- Ms Nazerth and Mr Van De Kieft - English staffroom.

Year 8 - Ms D'Souza and Ms Saini - Science staffrooms.

Year 9 - Ms Vummadi and Mr Colefax - Science and HSIE staffrooms.

Year 10 - Ms Tredell and Mr Tang  Mathematics and Science staffrooms.

Year 11 – Mr V Sithloo - PDHPE staffroom.

Year 12 –Ms S Talary – Careers Advisors office.