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Work studies Year 9 & 10

Students in year 9 and 10 undertake a work studies course once a week. In these lessons students learn to develop employability, enterprise and pathways planning skills. Understanding and development of employability skills will assist students to achieve the flexibility required for the workplaces of today and of the future.

The work studies lessons provides students with an opportunity to develop knowledge and a contemporary understanding of the world of work, the diverse sectors within the community, and the roles of education, employment and training systems. Both paid and unpaid work will be explored through a range of contexts and issues. This includes volunteer work, casual or part-time employment, changes in industry, the changing nature of work in a local and global arena, workplace legislation, and the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers.

It also provides educational opportunities that prepare students for effective and responsible participation in their community. It encourages them to be self-motivated learners who understand the need for further study, work and training throughout their lives.