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Mobile Phones

Mobile Phone Policy

We believe that mobile phones have great purpose and can play an important part in our lives. We have also found that the social behaviour and learning opportunities for our students can be greatly impacted as a result of the misuse of technology within the school. As a result of the increase of inappropriate use of mobile phone technology and the NSW Government Investigation into Review into the non-educational use of mobile devices in NSW schools, we are making the following changes

Years 7-10

- Mobile phones cannot be used in class at any time. If they are seen, students will be required to hand the phone into the front office for the remainder of the day.

- Students whose phone is handed in a second time will have their parents contacted and they will need to come to the school to collect the confiscated item. The item will not be returned to the student. They will also be required to hand it to the office before school each day for the next week.

Years 11- 12

- Students will be allowed to use their phones for educational purposes only with teacher permission. At all other times, the same rules as Year 7-10 will apply.

Students who use a mobile phone to transmit abusive messages electronically, such as by email or SMS text messages, photograph or video other students or staff or refuse to hand in their phone will result in disciplinary action.

Where students have a genuine reason for bringing a mobile phone or another electronic item to school, students must leave it turned off and in their bags during all lessons.

In order to ensure the best possible educational outcomes for all students, we would appreciate your full support of this policy. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school on 9631 9651.