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Parent Portal

The student and parent portal is part of the school's intranet and is a place students and parents can visit to access student-specific school-related information. The portal displays a copy of each student's personal details such as home address and parent and emergency contact details, which you are able to check. It will also enable access to school newsletters, academic reports, student timetables and attendance, as well as other modules over time.

To register for access, please go to and fill in your details. Your username should be the same email address that the school has on file. If you have not provided an email address or have changed your email address you provided to the school previously, you will need to contact the school to register the email address you intend to use.

Once your details have been correctly matched to a student, we will approve your account and provide you with an individual security key that will allow you to see only your children, usually within 2 school days. The email with the security key will contain further instructions on how to log in.

Once you have created your account, you can access it any time through the following login:

It is not necessary to re-enter a family key every time as the link to your child/children will continue from the time the account was first created.

You may need to initially check your junk/spam mail just in case the emails are directed there (Hotmail and some other email services are particularly bad at this). If this does happen, please tell your email program that emails from this address are not spam.

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