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High Performance "Galileo" Class

2025 Year 7 “Galileo” High-Performance Class

Applications for the 2025 class are currently not open. Please enter an expression of interest via this link to be notified when applications open.

Is there an exam for the Galileo Class? No. Student selection is based on their written application and feedback from their local primary schools if required.

My child is new to Australia and does not have NAPLAN results or a school report, can they still apply? Yes. Please include any recent results from overseas if they are available.

My child is on a temporary resident visa, can they still apply? Yes.

How is the Galileo Class different from the other mainstream classes? Students in the Galileo class will go into more depth in the topics studied and in selected areas be exposed to Year 8 work throughout the course of the year. 

My child is applying for Selective High Schools, can they still apply for Galileo? Yes. Please notify us if your child is accepting a place at a Selective High School so another student can be considered for their postion

How many students are in the Galileo Class? We aim to keep the class to 25 or less students. In 2024, the class consists of 20 students.

Is there only one Galileo class? We currently only run one Galileo class in Year 7

Is the Galileo Class just for Year 7 and 8?  In Year 7 students are in the Galileo class for all subjects. In Year 8 to 10 to cater for individual student differences, students are split into individual Galileo classes for Maths, English and Science. Most students from Year 7 continue in the Galileo stream for all mainstream their remaining years.

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