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Each student at Pendle Hill High School is expected to wear our school uniform. Uniforms are a way of feeling part of a community.

Uniform policies

  • All shirts, jumpers and jackets must have Pendle Hill High School logo or name on them.

  • All uniform items must be purchased from the school uniform shop next to the school canteen.

  • The physical education/sports uniform is worn on Tuesdays.

  • Students must also bring the sports uniform to school and change into it for all physical education lessons.

  • Students must wear plain, all black shoes to school each day, except on Tuesdays. On Tuesday students may wear joggers or sports shoes to school, with their sports uniform. These shoes may be of any colour but must have a leather upper.

  • Students must not wear open sandals, thongs, joggers, ballet type shoes or shoes made with fabric tongues. This type of footwear is not allowed in practical lessons for safety reasons and students will be sent home to change into correct footwear.

  • Jewellery and make up should be kept to a minimum. Dangling earrings and spiked jewellery are dangerous and are not to be worn to school.

  • Students must wear a white t-shirt only under the white school shirt. Coloured t-shirts and singlets must not be worn.

  • Leggings are not part of our school uniform and are not to be worn at school.

  • Donations of pre-loved uniform items can be made at the canteen.

  • Please give your daughter/son a note should it be necessary for them to wear non-uniform items to school on a particular day.

  • Students out of uniform are to report to reception to collect a uniform pass.

Our uniform shop - the one stop way to shop

  • Our school uniform shop has new operators and is now also available online by going to
  • The shop is open on:
  • Tuesdays from 8:00 am to 11 am
  • Thursdays from 12.30 pm to 3.30 pm

Examples of student uniforms

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