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Responsibilities, Respect, Resilience and Learning

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Positive Behaviour for Learning

At Pendle Hill High School we continuously integrate 4 words into our everyday lives as part of the Positive Behaviour for Learning Program. These words are:

Responsibility, Respect, Rights and Learning

Everybody respects each other and their belongings, have the responsibility to maintain that high level of Respect, and has the right to learn / teach in a clean, wholesome environment.

Classroom expectations:

  • Be on time to all classes
  • Bring all your equipment for lessons and be prepared for learning
  • Line up outside the classroom and wait for the teacher
  • Remove hats before you go into the classroom
  • Switch off mobile phones and other electronic devices and put them in your bag before you enter the classroom
  • Take out your books and equipment as soon as you sit down, then put your bag on the floor
  • Follow all instructions given by your teacher
  • Follow all classroom safety rules
  • Always be on task and do your best
  • Listen when others are talking
  • Be polite and respectful towards others
  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself
  • Leave classrooms and equipment clean and tidy at the end of each lesson
  • Be responsible for your own property and respect the property of others