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Drone course

In 2018, Pendle Hill High School is hosting a drone course each for Year 11 students from our school and Girraween High School. This course is run by an external company called UAVAIR. 

The course is a 2 unit NESA HSC board endorsed course and is free for students. 

Each student will receive a free drone, which they will use during the course. Students will be able to keep the drone at the end of the course.

During the course the students learn:

  • To carry out maintenance on the drone
  • Fly the drone
  • Complete computer drone simulations
  • Regulations for drone use
  • Potential career opportunities

Course qualification:

  • AVI30316 Certificate III Aviation (Remote Pilot- Visual Line of Sight)

They will also receive the following CASA licenses:

  • Remote Pilot Controllers Certificate
  • Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate

Student flying a drone.